Telephones and the Connected Society

Do you remember when we used to have to walk or take our horses tens of miles to speak with someone? We don’t either. That’s because the society in which we now live is filled with technology and high-tech devices. One of these devices is the telephone which is referred by almost everyone as either an iPhone or some type of android. This is because the Apple company has taken over the cellphone industry and people don’t use the word “telephone” anymore. For this reason in this article we will be discussing how the telephone changed the world and connected society in a way that had not been seen in the history of humanity.

Telephones have been extremely important since the time they were first invented. Yes, back then we didn’t have the technology we do now, but it is just a matter of perspective. The users of the first phones were as excited as we are about our latest iPhone or Android smartphone. Telephones had a great impact on our society to the point that the Superman movie creators chose a telephone booth as the place where the most iconic superhero of our generation changed from normal to superman. Telephone booths were further idolized in the movie the Matrix and the following sequels as the way in which people jumped in and out of the Matrix. So many telephone booths were destroyed that the movie set might have needed something like telephone maintenance services derby ks.

Today, in 2018, we can do magic with our cellphones which are now smartphones due to their capabilities and what we can do with them. A single smartphone contains a flashlight, can make phone calls, has a calculator, can measure objects visibly, has a camera, and can make video calls across the globe. It has also become a mini video game system, and a super powerful computer with which you can pay instead of using a debit card. You’re able to book flights, while you’re talking to your friends, family, or business colleagues. With apps and the creation of social media, we’re able to connect with anyone at any time by simply opening the app on our phone and searching for the person we want to connect with or be up to date to. Who knows what the next step in communication will be, but one thing is for sure; though the telephone is no longer common, the smart phone will continue to get smarter and smarter.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed the importance of the telephone and how it evolved into the smart phones we have today. We’ve been more connected than ever, and billions of data is transferred from one person to the world via the smartphone. At first the telephone was simply used for making one-way calls, but now the things we can do with a cellphone would scare anyone living a few decades before us. With the recent iOS update we can even measure things by simply setting a starting point and moving our phones to the right of whatever we’re trying to measure. Technology is amazing.