Is It Time for You to Call an Electrician?

Are you having some electrical problems and not sure whether you can fix the job yourself? One of the most important tips you should know before hiring an electrician howell mi is that you most likely shouldn’t try to do it without a professional. Electrical issues can lead to some dangerous situations that could be made worse with a do it yourself fix.

Unless your house is brand new, there’s a good chance that there are some areas in which your electrical system could use some improvement. As the years go on, electrical codes keep getting more and more strict to increase the levels of safety for you and home family. Here are just a few things that could indicate that you could use the help of an electrician.


Do you notice that the lights in your house dim whenever you use the microwave? Maybe you have to run the dishwasher during the day because the flickering and dimming get so bad during certain cycles. If an appliance interferes with the electricity enough to make your lights dim and flicker, this might be a sign that these appliances need dedicated circuits.

Frequent Trips to the Fuse Box

Nobody likes to make a lot of trips to the basement, especially not to constantly flip breakers. If you’re noticing that you’ve had to change a lot of fuses or reset your circuit breaker a lot lately, you may need to call an electrician. The fuse blowing isn’t enough to keep your family safe from the electric getting overloaded. Your home is simply drawing more power than it can handle, and an electrician needs to upgrade and repair your home.

Too Many Extension Cords

Everything seems to need to be plugged in these days and everything needs its own charger or outlet. This means a lot of older homes weren’t equipped to handle that many devices and people started using more and more extension cords to meet their needs. All of these extra items plugged into an outlet can cause an electrical fire or a short because the wiring can’t handle the load. An electrician can add more outlets to your home which will make it safer and look better without those cords running everywhere.

Hot Switches

Switches and outlets should absolutely never be warm to the touch. If the surface is warm or gives off an electrical shock when touched, there may be an excess electrical demand on the circuit. Older homes with aluminum wiring are especially susceptible to these issues and need to be checked regularly by an electrician to make sure that they are still safe.

Two Prong Outlets

By any standard, if your home doesn’t feature that many three prong outlets, the whole system might be outdated in many other aspects as well. While there are adaptors that can be used, these outlets really should be upgraded for the sake of safety. If your home is not grounded properly, your home might not be safe for your family or electronics.